Top 4 Wedding Photographers in Hong Kong in 2016

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Wedding Newsroom 嚴選4間婚禮攝影公司/婚禮攝影師為2016 top wedding photographers,我們是根據攝影師過去的5年相片質素是否穩定,有沒有鮮明的個人風格,客人的滿意度及在2016的活躍程度作為指標,恭喜這次被選出的4間公司!


1. Alexander Hera

Alexander Hera is a young, dynamic and creative team of photographers, digital artists, makeup artists, stylists and designers to bringing wedding photography to a new aspect.  We believe wedding photography is not just a standard task of the wedding; it is also a personal expression of each wedding couple.

Genuineness and exclusivity define our philosophy of making wedding photos.  Our vision is to make every wedding couple have their own unique memory under our camera.  We make the blissful moments in a timeless & natural way, creating images that the couple will cherish for a lifetime.

2. Billy ONAIR Photography

Billy specialize in the photojournalistic + portrait photography style when it comes to the weddings he cover. He creates a sequence of photographs that beautifully portray the unique story of the bridal couple.

A story that explains the inimitable interaction between them, the moments they share, and the emotions they experience. Billy is not just out there photographing people and perfect moments; He makes them look pretty too!

3. Jada Poon Photography

Hong Kong and Sydney based fine art wedding and lifestyle photographer, Jada approaches photography w/ a romantic and sensitive touch.

Thru her fresh dreamy images, and her sensitivity for human connection, she aspires to deliver a connecting experience

4. Simon The Photo

Trained by world-class master wedding photographer in Australia, Simon is  also a award  winning member of  the Wedding Photojournalist Association – WPJA and [AG]WPJA

Your wedding photography is in good hands with Simon. Simon’s talent for capturing the perfect shot has seen him win multiple awards, and has cemented his reputation as one of the best and most well-known wedding day photographers in Hong Kong and across Asia.

Simon has a knack for producing beautiful, candid photos of your special day that will perfectly capture your cherished memories. His style is to remain behind the scenes and not interfere with all attendees, to ensure that the images captured are candid and natural. Having Simon at your wedding truly guarantees wedding day photography you can rely on.

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