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Poor service, disrespectful and impolite to couple

1. Poor service. Staff blamed on customers when they are discussing on their own, even shouted at us that “our clothes are only for sexy ppl”. it is obviously discriminating, they are disrespectful and make us disappointed. 2. Lack of choices and poor clothes quality. Mismatch with photo. There are other shops more worth to visit, no need take risk to suffer Such shameful service. Dont...


呢間deco用左兩個鐘都set唔到個鮮花arch….個arch一直企唔到,一直係搖嚟搖去。 我4點半要開始wedding ceremony, 4點15分佢到未搞掂。酒店staff,我老公,連我老爺都去埋幫佢手,幫佢用魚絲穩定,都搞唔掂。最後deco放棄,要求將個arch拍埋個場嘅草叢,個夾埋叫做企到。就係我老公講緊thank you speech嘅時候…..個arch一分為二,當住百幾個guest面前斷咗。全場嘅人, 包括我都o咀。我真係接受唔到,一生人一次, 籌備咗咁耐嘅婚禮竟然係咁….. 更新:攝影師俾咗個arch一分為二嘅片俾我: 最後無咗backdrop, 我只可以同d guest係啲殘骸面前影相。我真係唔明點解,呢間deco點解會做到咁差,你話唔靚,啲花唔新鮮我都忍...

She Said Yes

Yahooooooo She Said Yes 講真我都係第一次參求婚活動 係咁多親友面前分享個份幸福 原來氣氛真係好正架 事情要匿埋偷影真係好刺激好緊張 Thank For Having Meeeeeee!!!!! —————- video: REC – dino W video Venue: Shelter Italian Bar & Restaurant source from:

Cannot thank you enough ?? you and your crews were amazing. I had a wonderful day?

Cannot thank you enough ?? you and your crews were amazing. I had a wonderful day?



因有自信 所以美麗✨

因有自信 所以美麗✨ 客人要保留自己的特質 單. 眼. 皮 我欣賞 髮型也要簡潔~ Less is More ~ ~ Makeup Hair & Photo by Sabrina Enquiry: IG: sabrinaimage Whatsapp: 92599210 #wedding #makeup #bride #hairstyle #destinationmakeup #sabrinaimage source from:

my favourite season of the year

Getting ready for some wintry mix of pale greens and yellows. It’s my favourite season of the year (except when I am at the pool…)!   source from:

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