I’d highly recommend Karrie and her team :)

Thanks to Karrie, I received lots of compliments on both my prewedding photos and my big day!! Karrie and her team were very professional and caring!! I only ha...[Read More]

Thank you for the great experience :)

Rita is such a sweet gal. She helped me a lot when I saw thousand of amazing dresses in the shop. Thank you for the great experience 🙂

I’m sure we will be able to relive our happy memories by admiring your pictures and videos in the many years to come!

I had KC and his team as my prewedding, ceremony and wedding celebrations photographers and videographers. I love how KC is able to (with ease, in his talent) c...[Read More]

老闆娘又nice 又好傾,好多朋友都話婚紗好靚😍。 tks 😘

老闆娘又nice 又好傾,好多朋友都話婚紗好靚😍。 tks 😘


非常感激Sandy,神手一名!響佢神手下個個都變靚女,bigday當晚自己都好驚喜!好知道我想要d咩(我完全冇同佢講過),好了解每個人既style轉咩look,放心交曬比Sandy就ok!全日個妝勁貼完全冇浮粉問題!親,真係好叻!而且個人1d都唔造作,又識整好多好靚既小手作,頭花超美超比力!好開心有Sandy陪住我pr...[Read More]


常幸運整個結婚流程由Pre-wedding到big day有Kimmy幫我化妝,妝同髮型都整得好自然好高貴好優雅好細緻⋯全日都keep得好好,又有好多靚靚頭飾,我好鐘意呀!!!x3(重要的事情要說三次!!!)而且Kimmy 很喜歡拍攝,每次都有大量美美圖,完全滿足我鐘意影相既喜好,人亦好nice跟我一樣喜歡笑,化妝的時...[Read More]

Thanks matt!!tears still come out

Thanks matt!!tears still come out

十個有十個賓客都 超级喜歡他們的作品,讚爆你們, 辛苦了。

萬分感謝你Ivan及crews, 結婚當天過得太快,連自己都唔知做過什麼,好在有早拍晚播,回味一翻當天的精華片段。拍得美就不用說,專業俩個字來形容更不可少, 有驚無險地顺利完成。最可怕的事是,十個有十個 賓客都 超级喜歡他們的作品,讚爆你們。代我多謝你們的crews. 辛苦了。 How can you not choo...[Read More]

Thank you Deans Music!

If you’re still browsing for a live band (like my wife and I did a year ago) you might as well save the time and just go for Deans Live Music! We are grat...[Read More]

感欣能有小蟲, 家琪在我們的婚禮裡面

我終於完左big day啦,係試完妝後,因為化得好靚,所以我一直都同小蟲講我好期待big day 。 化妝技術在我既big day 完全唔需再comments, 就算我濕疹發在係面到,佢都照顧到我。 小蟲既細心同溫柔,令到當日應該要緊張既我,都變得好舒服,令到我更加放鬆去迎接我新既身份。 雖然當日家裡發生一些事,但好多...[Read More]

好特別既玻璃球蛋糕,心心眼,又唔太甜, LIKE!

好特別既玻璃球蛋糕,心心眼,又唔太甜, LIKE!

Bozz wedding is highly recommended.

I m the guy who was riding the bike in one of the video 😉 Bosco is great, friendly, experienced, patient, and more importantly he is eager to make things perfec...[Read More]

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