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因有自信 所以美麗✨

因有自信 所以美麗✨ 客人要保留自己的特質 單. 眼. 皮 我欣賞 髮型也要簡潔~ Less is More ~ ~ Makeup Hair & Photo by Sabrina Enquiry: IG: sabrinaimage Whatsapp: 92599210 #wedding #makeup #bride #hairstyle #destinationmakeup #sabrinaimage source from:

Modern Chinese

Wedding Hashtag | #ModernChinese 一折巧扇識翩翩兒郎,一紙油傘續前世良緣。 妳從流光溢彩裡朝我走來,被輕紗籠罩的身子如此曼妙; 我被這滿地的紅迷住了雙眼—— 已分不清眼前是畫中人, 還是人如畫。 _______________ 營造一場成功的 #ModernChinese 婚禮佈置,精妙在於如何拿揑不同元素的份量,把「紅」恰到好處地釀入每個細節,從而提煉出古典韻味的同時,不失時代感。 Decoration : Wedding Hashtag – Design & Production Photographer : Anthony & Shawn Makeup : Teris May Makeup and Beauty Wedding Dress : 1.618 Couture & Bridal Qipao: 20s貳拾年華...


好喜歡這個小辮子☝🏻 應該很多女生都會喜歡吧 *無需試妝直接落訂確實新娘化娘檔期是有優惠的啊!可以pm了解詳情呢~ Anna Yu makeup source from:


衝上雲霄 Photographers: Anthony & Shawn Makeup & Hair: Mandyuen Makeup Gown: Secret White source from:


今個週末來點不一樣! 真絲絲帶做出大而可愛的蝴蝶結🎀 加上浪漫卷髮 oh yes! J’adore le chic💓 Stylist XING maQuillage Photo Heather Photography source from:


馬尾敬酒造型,簡約高貴💕 Makeup&hairdo: Riko Yeung Riko MakeUp source from:

Special treatment

Laughter, tears, nervousness, excitement, love, expressions – there is hardly any emotion that one does not get to witness in a wedding. From the pre-wedding jitters to the crazy after-parties, weddings are mixture of feelings put out there for those who wish to see it. It is these emotions that make weddings so special and special things call for special treatment. If you’re big on capturing the ...

又來到New York這個地方

相隔五年,又來到New York這個地方 這地方還是滿有感覺 節奏仍是依舊美麗 茫茫人海 或有幾多漂泊與掩蓋 因此我喜歡花一天感覺一切是愛 Photo by by Paul Wong Make up by Bella Chan@So Bella Make up Wedding Gown by Gemelli Wedding Fujifilm GFX 50s & X-pro2 source from:

Mandyuen Makeup

Makeup&hair/ MANDY@Mandyuen Makeup Gown/ 1.618 Couture & Bridal Bouquet/ Miss Florist Fb/ig: MANDYUEN MAKEUP What’s app: +85294906150 Email: or private message to our fb page. source from:

You must be his only reason that makes Hong Kong this unique!

You must be his only reason that makes Hong Kong this unique! Absolutely a great session with you both yesterday and this particular piece is so…subtlety in love with each other! Traveling all the way back for the shoot is all worthy right? Thanks for having us doing this so-much-love pre-wedding session! Couldn’t wait to complete the retouch for you guys! MUA KAMMY AMA LO MakeUp & Hair ...


Pre wedding at JUNON 仙后餐廳 Repost –馬丁光影 Martin Aesthetics :「 如果,我們在六十年前遇上, 就在那個花樣年華的時代…… . .最近好多客人因wedding day 撞了日子未能遇上,好多謝你地在pre wedding 時都會搵返我,Velda 便是其中一位,真係好多謝你地呀!😊 Ps: peak season 開始當中,trial的日子相對比較小,可能等候時間比較長,所以會有返小小special offer 給予不trial直接confirm的新娘子 #查詢可inbox我地呀😊thank you ! source from:


10 月寶寶👰cola ~ 洋娃娃一樣的客人~ 喜歡的都是簡潔,貴氣,優雅😻 💄 📸 @chi.chi_wu 她是世上幸福的新娘子~ 婚禮那天 有幸參與其中~ 謝謝親愛的 @karryng ❤️ 要讚一下,從未見過這麼一位萬能的新郎哥😂 大至酒店處理,酒席安排,時間控制 小至飾物位置,婚紗配件數目,新娘情緒安撫,現場表演。 無敵,優秀,不得了。 難怪,外母大人超喜歡您,早上讚美了三次😂因爲真的很重要。 source from:

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