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Let the adventure begin!

Let the adventure begin!
Big balloons are an eye-catching yet easy way to show your guests where the celebration is – even if it’s hidden in an industrial building!

“Love creates an “us” without destroying the “me””29871810_2162280780463630_6060990370143422334_o

“Mr and Mrs – Funny how three little words can mean so much love.”29749978_2162280790463629_1672564454265688001_o

Who says the menu has to be on the table?29662624_2162280757130299_7857581856418998052_o

“People fall in love by smiling at each other, but people stay in love by laughing with each other”29744239_2162281083796933_7919375971952213883_o

“People come, and people go. The best will stay”29744920_2162280843796957_3967944659548775035_o29351502_2162280983796943_7327048801799741462_o29354850_2162280887130286_7960434995932911002_o

Take me home! 🍪🌿

Nom nom nom!

“The goal is to laugh forever with someone you take serious” 💋29665460_2162281017130273_7705758010813101927_o

“Morning, afternoon, evening or night. I will always love you will all my might”29694679_2162280740463634_2414311592318776504_n29662466_2162280923796949_6862686693219992309_o29749416_2162281080463600_5106665569117723741_o

Wedding planning: Events Artisan – Wedding and event planning specialist
Photography: Tracy Wong Photography
Balloons: Ball Ba Company 波霸氣球
Illustration: Z as in Zebras – Kim Zeluck
Decoration: The Wooden Fox The Spring Is Here – Flower laboratory
Location: Pomegranate Kitchen
Wooden box: notonthehighstreet
Cookies: Homie Cookies
Eggettes: Modos
Photobooth: FLASH Lab Photobooth HK
Wedding cake: Citrus Sweets PLUS
Cakes: The Cheesecake Factory

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